What is FollowMyHealth?

FollowMyHealth is a patient portal, made available by Primary Care Partners, to provide a convenient and secure way for patients to manage their personal health record from any computer or mobile device with internet access.

What are the benefits of using FollowMyHealth?

  • Securely view your personal health record
  • Access when it’s convenient for you
  • More features added continuously to improve your online experience

I don’t remember my username or password. What do I do?

We do not store usernames and passwords. We are only able to tell you what method you used to create your portal account. If you signed up using an existing account with Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Microsoft LiveID, your sign in is an e-mail address and the password for that e-mail address. If using the FMH Secure Login, the sign in is a username and password that you created for yourself. If you have the username, you can reset the password. If you are unsure of your login method, please contact your provider’s office.

Why can I get into my account with no problems when I use my computer, but I can’t access my account on my phone/tablet?

If you are using a mobile device, you must use the FollowMyHeath mobile app to get into your account by downloading the free app for your mobile device. Once the app is downloaded, you can log in to your account using the same method you would if you were using the computer.

I was able to see information in my portal but now I am unable to?

Make sure that you are connected to our facility. In your FollowMyHealth account click on “My Account” in the upper right hand corner and then click on “Connections”. If you don’t see Primary Care Partners listed you will need to click on “Add Connection”. Search by zip code 81501 for Primary Care Partners. Click on Primary Care Partners and click connect. The next step will be Accept the Release of Information. Once this is complete your connection will be verified and once accepted you will see an email in 5 to 7 days to finalize the connection of your account.

Can a parent/guardian set up and manage an account for a child/dependent?

Yes. Learn more about proxy access by clicking here.

Why can’t I see my labs?

Labs flow into your portal account as soon as your provider has signed off on them. Note: Labs that are ordered by an outside physician will not flow over to the portal because that physician is not part of the Primary Care Partners.

How can I communicate with my provider or their staff through the portal and when can I expect a response from my provider?

Click on “Send a Message” at the top of your portal account or click on “Inbox” and then “Compose.” Either method will take you to the same screen where you can select your provider and send a message. Once you are finished, you will get a screen saying your message has been sent and you will be able to see that message in your outbox. Responses typically come back within 72 business hours. Messages are not monitored on the weekends.

Is FollowMyHealth Portal secure?

The first priority is patient privacy and the safety of patient information. For that reason, we request that you provide us with an email address and Photo ID, before going to our web site and signing up. All records are stored on and transmitted via HIPAA – secure servers.

How do I sign up from an email invite?

Click here to review the quick video on how to sign up via an email invite.