Updated Health Care Precautions

All of our services are now available to you including primary health care, physical therapy, diagnostics, dietitian services, and after hour’s appointments.

We understand your continued concerns with COVID-19 and exposure risks. We also want to assure you that we, as your health care providers, want to continue to assist you in managing your long term health care needs which may have been delayed in recent weeks. As we transition into the next phase of pandemic precautions, we encourage all patients to schedule routine visits to avoid neglecting any health conditions. We offer in-person and Telehealth services. Please call us to make an appointment today to determine which type of visit may be most appropriate for you.

The Safety of Our Patients and Staff is our Top Priority

All of our staff who come into contact with patients wear masks (and other recommended personal protective equipment if necessary).

Other recommendations we follow to keep our patients safe include:

  • Employ strict hygiene guidelines and sanitization procedures for all contact surfaces and tools
  • We practice a minimum of 6 feet of separation when not directly performing service
  • Make accommodations for high-risk individuals or immunocompromised patients
  • Monitor all our employees daily by checking for a fever greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Conduct a symptoms check on everyone before they enter our offices, including proper screening questions
  • Continue to conduct TeleHealth appointments when appropriate
  • Provide service by appointment only (no walk-ins or waiting)
  • Offer drive-up services including diabetic A1c checks, blood pressure checks, immunizations, and INR checks
  • Offer remote patient monitoring services
  • Employ practices to keep any respiratory patients separated from all other patients. We have designated waiting areas for respiratory symptom patients and non-respiratory patients

Things you can do to improve your safety while coming in for your appointments:

  • Call our office to make an appointment prior to arriving for same-day services
  • Limit the use of elevators as much as possible. If elevators need to be used:
    • Avoid pushing buttons with bare hands (preferably, use elbows to push buttons)
    • Elevators should only be shared with family members and/or those in similar close relationships
    • Otherwise, only one person on the elevator at a time
  • Maintain physical distancing (six feet) in waiting areas
  • Wear face coverings or masks while in our offices
  • Avoid touching your face until you can wash your hands properly
  • Limit the number of family members attending an appointment

You can visit the Mesa County website for all the “Safer at Home” recommendations here.


Thank you for your patience and support during this time!

Primary Care Partners Providers and Staff



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