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2808, 2023

Western Colorado Pediatrics Presents $5,000 Check to Kids Aid

By |August 28, 2023|PCP Blog|

On Thursday, August 24th, Western Colorado Pediatrics (WCP), a division of Primary Care Partners (PCP), held a check presentation and celebration for their fundraiser for the Kids Aid Backpack Program. The Kid’s Aid Backpack Program is dedicated to bridging the gap of weekend hunger for kids in School District 51 by supplying food for kids in need. Western Colorado Pediatrics has pledged to donate annually to this great cause by contributing $5 for each Well Child Check between the dates of July 1st and August [...]

2707, 2023

Grand Junction Diagnostics Now Offering Echocardiograms

By |July 27, 2023|PCP Blog|

This summer Grand Junction Diagnostics, a division of Primary Care Partners, is excited to offer echocardiogram services to our patients. We are proud to introduce this added health screening benefit to our wide range or screening and diagnostic services that we offer. No longer do PCP patients need to visit an outside clinic to receive this service, it will be performed in-office at Grand Junction Diagnostics at our PCP Care Village office. The echocardiogram is a non-invasive diagnostic test that is commonly used to diagnose [...]

3006, 2023

WeCan!® Mesa County Plants Vegetable Gardens

By |June 30, 2023|PCP Blog|

Earlier this week, WeCan!® Mesa County planted two container gardens filled with fresh vegetables like tomatoes and carrots outside Primary Care Partners 12th Street location!  WeCan! or “Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition®” is a local program designed for families and communities to help children reach and maintain a healthy weight. Coordinated by Dr. Zind, it is an integrated program to Western Colorado Pediatrics. With help from a generous grant from Rocky Mountain Health Plans, they transformed this contribution into something that will help [...]

105, 2023

May is Osteoporosis Awareness Month

By |May 1, 2023|PCP Blog|

  May is Osteoporosis Awareness Month, and our team at Grand Junction Diagnostics and Mammography is here to help inform and educate our patients about the risk factors of osteoporosis and how bone density screening can help. People tend to think that bones are static and unchanging, but the truth is that bones are in constant flux. Even as you read this sentence, specialized cells in your body are busy destroying old bits of bone and replacing them with new bone. Unfortunately, as people age, [...]

3008, 2022

Food For Life, Knowledge For Life

By |August 30, 2022|PCP Blog|

It was a bittersweet evening in the CSU Western Campus Teaching Kitchen. Dr. Susan Sayers offered her final thoughts and instruction to the participants of the Summer Food For Life Class. The last class of the 6-week course is traditionally a potluck and offers participants a chance to highlight what they have learned and how they have adopted a plant-based diet with a delicious dish. Classmates took turns describing their dish, suggesting recipe alterations, adding personal anecdotes about their skeptical spouses, and proudly sharing their [...]

3008, 2022

New Look, Same Exceptional Care. PCP’s 2022 Rebranding

By |August 30, 2022|PCP Blog|

Primary Care Partners has been a prominent name in the Grand Valley for over twenty years and continues to be a staple in local health care. Primary Care Partners, also known as PCP, offers Western Colorado more than just expert medical care; it offers a sense of stability, community, and reassurance that your health is of the highest priority. Since formal establishment in 1998, PCP has added medical offices to serve the health care need of the families in the Grand Valley. Family medicine, sports [...]

104, 2022

What is Occupational Therapy and When Did it Begin?

By |April 1, 2022|PTSC Blog|

By: Chris Moore, OT In the 1700’s, the age of Enlightenment was born. OT emerged to help with the mentally ill. At that time, this population was considered a danger to society. In the 1800’s, arts and crafts were used in American hospitals to promote relaxation and feelings of being productive. William Rush Dunton Jr. known as “the father of occupational therapy”, was a strong advocate for occupational engagement and eventually formed the National Society for Promotion of Occupational Therapy (now known as AOTA (American [...]

1503, 2022

Ergonomic Concepts – Posture and Positioning

By |March 15, 2022|PTSC Blog|

By: Lauren Sampson, MPT Did you know that 20-40% of employees suffer from work related musculoskeletal dysfunctions and contribute to an estimated 40% of workman's comp claims. Some studies suggest that there are 70,000 days of lost work per year in the United States due to work related musculoskeletal issues. Ergonomic assessment and adjustments are important for individual benefits and safety, which benefits the entire group or employer. What is Ergonomics? Fitting a job to an employee based upon desired work to be completed, equipment [...]

103, 2022

What is Kinesio Tape and How Does it Work?

By |March 1, 2022|PTSC Blog|

By: Jacob Miller, PTA Many of you have likely heard about Kinesio Tape (KT) or have seen athletes wearing it at the latest sporting event. The multicolored, many shaped, and decorative tape is not easy to miss. Some of the biggest names in professional sports are found wearing it – James Harden, Michael Phelps, David Beckam, and Tom Brady are just a few of the names. Many people think it “looks cool” but rarely understand the technology and physiology behind the tape itself. So why [...]

1502, 2022

Post Covid-19 and Physical Therapy

By |February 15, 2022|PTSC Blog|

By: Karen Hayter, DPT Most people fully recover from COVID-19 within a few weeks of illness. For some, they can continue to experience symptoms after their initial recovery. These symptoms can linger for weeks to months beyond what is considered the normal timeline for recovery. People with these symptoms are being described as COVID “long-haulers” and this has led to the term Long COVID. Individuals who have experienced both mild and severe COVID-19 symptoms can develop Long COVID and researchers estimate that around 10% of [...]

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