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TeleHealth allows our valued Primary Care Partners’ patients the option to have a live video chat with a health care provider from the comfort of their own home using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

Our TeleHealth access is now sent by invitation via text message or email. A link to join a video call with your provider will be included in the invitation you receive. Contact your provider’s office with any questions or concerns.

Quick Reference Guide

What is TeleHealth?

TeleHealth uses video cameras to connect you to health care providers. This means you dont have to travel to get the care you need. You will be able to see, hear, and talk to your provider through a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing system. This will allow you to be in your home during your appointment. Just like with any face-to-face appointment, you can have a family member, care provider, or friend accompany you if you wish.

How Does a TeleHealth Visit Work?

A TeleHealth visit is just like a regular appointment. You will sit in front of a camera where you will be able to see yourself and your health care provider on the screen once your session begins. These appointments are also called TeleHealth Visits.

You will receive an invitation via text message or email with a link to join a video call with your provider. You will need access to the following for your Telehealth visit.

  • A computer with a webcam and microphone.


  • A smartphone or tablet (mobile device).

Your provider’s office will contact you prior to your appointment to explain the process, telling you when to expect the invitation link.

Once you receive your Telehealth invitation, join by:

  • Clicking the link in the text message or email.
  • Clicking ‘Allow webcam/camera.’
  • Clicking ‘Allow microphone.’

Then, your health care team will ask you questions and work with you to develop a plan of care, as they would in a typical appointment.

Some things to keep in mind for your Telehealth visit:

  • A strong Wi-Fi signal is highly recommended. Cellular data can also be used but may not be as reliable as a Wi-Fi signal. (cellular data rate charges from your carrier may apply)
  • Be sure to check your device’s battery charge to ensure you have plenty of power
  • You may also want to wear a headset or headphones. This will help cut down on technical issues like echoes and feedback.

If you have further questions or concerns, contact your provider’s office for assistance.

How Does TeleHealth Benefit You?

Many patients who live in rural or medically underserved areas may not have access to convenient health care. TeleHealth is a valuable and unique service to provide you the care you need, no matter where you live.

Other benefits include:

  • The ability to stay in your home community.
  • Reduce stress due to the cost and time spent traveling.
  • Reduced absence from work or school.
  • The ability to avoid contagions if you have high-risk health concerns.

Is TeleHealth Private?

Just like a regular providers appointment, your TeleHealth visit will be private and confidential. What you say during your visit is only seen and heard by you and your health care team.

Is There a Cost for a TeleHealth Visit?

You will be billed for your TeleHealth visit.

Most insurances cover TeleHealth services. To find out if your insurance company will cover these services, please contact them directly.