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Online self-scheduling is available for select providers and services. 

Tabeguache Family & Sports Medicine

Dan Sullivan, MD
Brittney Griffiths, MSN, FNP
Tiffany Taylor, PA
Any Provider

Diagnostics & Mammography

Self-Schedule a 3D Mammogram

Western Colorado Pediatrics

Melissa Havlik, MD
Madison Keenan, MD
Megan Stinar, MD
Cecilia Weaver, MD
Michael Whistler, MD
Patrice Whistler, MD
Sarah Zhou, MD
Mary DeYoung, MSN, CPNP
Dianna Garcia, MSN, CPNP
Vickie Foy, CPNP
Jordan Knickerbocker, CPNP
Any Provider

Family Physicians of Western Colorado

Joshua Campbell, MD
Randy Cate, MD
Britta Czapla, MD
John Flanagan, MD
Joseph Kanopsic, MD
Andy Mohler, MD
Monique Morisseau, MD
Michael Pramenko, MD
Lynn Price, MD
James Quackenbush, MD
Jennifer Roller, MD
Susan Sayers, MD
Stephanie Shrago, MD
Paul Sturges, MD
Christine Welsh, DO
Peggy Wrich, DO
Jenna Berguin, MSN, FNP
James Haraway, MSN, FNP
Michelle McDermott, DNP
Sarah Rooney, FNP
Any Provider

Western Colorado Physicians Group

Anne Chamberlin, MD
Craig Hughes, MD
Joshua Hulst, MD
Glenn Madrid, MD
Lisa Roberts, MD
Marshall Steel, MD
Seth Turner, MD
Kristi Haan, PA-C
Jamie Kopfman, PA-C
Tephi Mannlein, PA-C
Any Provider