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Self-Scheduling is available for Dr. Hughes, Dr. Roberts, Dr. Siler, and Dr. Turner, only. To schedule an appointment for all providers please call 970-241-6011 during normal business hours.


1120 Wellington Ave

Grand Junction, Colorado.

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Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

(after social distancing restrictions end we will stay open till 5:00 PM again)

Our patients can call our office phone number and reach our “on-call” provider 24/7.

Our Physicians

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Our Advanced Practitioners

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Behavioral Health

Desiree Gholson, LCSW

Debi Landoll, LPC, LAC


As Grand Junction, CO doctors, Western Colorado Physicians Group has prided itself on being an innovative and creative organization dedicated to the best in family health care.  Our advanced practitioners and family doctors in Grand Junction, CO are available to provide continuity of care with a personal touch.

Primary Care Family Medicine

You may not be aware that your family physician can do minor skin surgery, treat fractures and minor injuries, as well as do pap smears, circumcisions, nutrition counseling, and even remove warts! We provide nutritional counseling and diabetes education for those patients seeking to control diabetes, manage their weight, and improve their health.

Obstetrical Care

Some of our physicians also offer obstetrical and well-baby care.  Click here for more information about our pregnancy care and delivery.

BOTOXⓇ for Migraines

Western Colorado Physicians Group offers Botox for migraine headache relief. With the new FDA approved BOTOXⓇ therapy for chronic migraines you can prevent migraines before they start.

If you are someone who is over 18, has chronic migraines, has headaches 15 or more days a month, and have tried at least two medications to prevent migraines this therapy might be for you. Ask about Western Colorado Physicians Group's new BOTOXⓇ Migraine Clinic.

Medical Home

As a division of Primary Care Partners, our services are provided in a medical home setting. This means we have other medical services within our organization that you can use. We have team support available through physical therapy, medical nutrition therapy, and behavioral health counseling. We also offer on-site diagnostic imaging.  The group had the foresight to establish what is now Grand Junction Diagnostics & Mammography to provide patient convenience for X-ray services. They later became an FDA certified mammography facility. This group of medical visionaries also is credited with founding DOCS ON CALL to meet patients’ after-hours medical needs.

We consistently enjoy a very high level of patient satisfaction on our annual patient surveys in areas including provider care, communication, and ease of access.