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Primary Care Partners Building

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Medical Nutrition Therapy & Diabetes Education provides information addressing a wide range of health issues. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight loss issues, or other diet-related diseases or problems, you may benefit from a consultation with one of our certified diabetes educators.


For appointments, call 970-255-1576.  A physician referral is required. We are located at 3150 N. 12th Street at Fairmount Health Park.
We also request that you check with your insurance company prior to your visit regarding reimbursement for our services.

Vanessa Carter, RDN, CDE

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Our dietitian, Vanessa Carter, is the cornerstone of our Primary Care Partners Nutritional Department.

Vanessa earned her bachelor’s degree at Colorado State University and completed her postgraduate work at the University of Northern Colorado. She is accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is also a Certified Diabetes Educator.  As a Registered Dietitian, Vanessa specializes in nutrition education and counseling for adult and child weight management, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, renal disease, celiac disease, and eating disorders.  She has a strong interest in child nutrition and obesity prevention. She has been providing nutrition education and counseling for over 14 years and is also a consultant for school nutrition programs improving the nutrition and food quality of schools’ meals, increasing access to healthy, scratch-made meals, and ensuring meals and menus are in compliance with USDA regulations.

Vanessa grew up in Grand Junction and takes advantage of every opportunity to play outside. Her favorite outdoor activities are mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and paddleboarding.

Nutrition Education Services

Body Composition Scan Analysis

Interested in learning how much muscle and body fat you have?  Grand Junction Diagnostics can now accurately measure your body fat, muscle mass, and bone density with their new Dexa scan.  Scans are $75 and a scan with a short visit with our dietitian to review your report is an additional $125.  See more here.


8-week weight management class including nutrition education, physical activity recommendations, and behavioral health.

A collaborative behavioral health and nutrition program for individuals with obesity.

For more information on eating well and nutrition click here.

Diabetes Education

Primary Care Partners offers individual visits with our Certified Diabetes Educators or Invested in Diabetes, a 6-week diabetes class covering various topics to keep you in control of diabetes.

The Invested in Diabetes Project is a group visit of about 8-10 people for patients with Type II diabetes with the goal to encourage and support diabetes self-management. It is a 6 session curriculum that will be offered at four different times throughout the year. It will include a brief visit with a provider prior to the class which will be taught by a diabetes educator. Guest speakers will be involved on occasion, as well, to talk about particular topics.

To sign up speak with your provider for more information.

For more information about diabetes click here.

Body Composition Scan Review

Accurately measure your body fat, muscle mass, and bone density with a Dexa scan Grand Junction Diagnostics.  Scans are $75 and a scan with a short visit with our dietitian to review your report is an additional $25. more…

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