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Western Colorado Pediatric Associates, Family Physicians of Western Colorado, and Western Colorado Physicians Group, all divisions of Primary Care Partners, have been providing personal primary care and consultation to residents of Grand Junction, Colorado, and the surrounding areas of Mesa County for more than 30 years. Red Canyon Family Medicine and Tabeguache Family & Sports Medicine are our two newest family physician groups. DOCS on Call is our after-hours facility that provides care when a patient’s regular physician is unavailable or doesn’t have a primary physician. We also offer a diagnostic laboratory, nutritional services, and diabetic education, and our Physical Therapy Specialty Center.

Other health and medical services offered on-site include behavioral counseling and an eye clinic ~ all of which enhance care to our patients.

The City of Grand Junction is located just off I-70, midway between Denver and Salt Lake City, with a residential population of approximately 150,000 in its metro area. Mesa County is an outdoor paradise with surrounding mountains, canyons, lakes, and deserts. Skiing, hiking, camping, boating, biking, climbing, fishing, and every other imaginable outdoor activity are available within minutes of the city.


If you are interested in a position with contact our Human Resources department at 970-256-5211. Competitive salary and fringe benefits, flexible hours, great team! Send CV and inquiries to

In addition to contacting HR, you may also contact the division manager

Family Physicians of Western Colorado, Jesse Marquardt, 970-245-1220,

DOCS on Call Regina Archuleta, 970-255-1576

Western Colorado Physicians Group  Margie Carrasco, 970-241-6011,