About Us

Primary Care Partners is a group of health care offices partnering together to offer a team approach to healthcare.

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Medical Home

Primary Care Partners offers its patients a true medical home as part of a wide range of medical services available to area residents of Grand Junction, Colorado.  This allows your primary care team to care for you, and preserve the continuity of the provider-patient relationship over time.

Having a medical home means patients can look to their physicians to help them navigate a very complex medical world. When patients are in need of medical care it reduces confusion, and more importantly, provides them with support and reassurance.

Healthcare Team

Included in the healthcare partnership team are:


Primary Care Partners offers Telehealth appointments with all our providers for services that don’t require an in-person visit. Our patients can call their provider’s office phone number and reach our “on-call” provider 24/7.

Online Patient Portal

Our Patient Portal offers patients online services such as scheduling appointments and requesting prescription refills. Patients can also get lab test results and have the ability to ask medical questions of their provider team. This translates into more convenience for the patient and more efficiency for our practices. The more patients engage with their providers and partner with them in their care, the better the outcomes.

Our Mission Statement

Primary Care Partners is a healthcare organization committed to providing medical care that is personal, continuous, cost-effective, and high quality.  We strive to manage Primary Care Partners in a way that allows our physicians appropriate time with patients and relative freedom from the regulatory and financial issues inherent to modern medical practice.

Innovative Practice Transformation

Primary Care Partners is a recognized leader in practice innovations towards more effective, cost-efficient health care.

Primary Care Partners works with SIM (State Innovation Model), CPC (Comprehensive Primary Care), and other organizations to offer a better team approach to primary care that improves value-based payment reform. Team members include physicians, physician assistants, medical assistants, a clinical pharmacologist, care coordinators, front office staff, behavioral health specialists, and administrators. All work together toward better patient care for a better value. This approach to primary care strives for goals like a reduction in opioid use through function-based assessments. This prevents unnecessary emergency room visits.

Dr. Glenn Madrid of Western Colorado Physicians Group talks about practice transformation in this video posted by SIM.