Primary Care Partners has been a prominent name in the Grand Valley for over twenty years and continues to be a staple in local health care. Primary Care Partners, also known as PCP, offers Western Colorado more than just expert medical care; it offers a sense of stability, community, and reassurance that your health is of the highest priority. Since formal establishment in 1998, PCP has added medical offices to serve the health care need of the families in the Grand Valley. Family medicine, sports medicine, pediatric medicine, nutrition therapy, after-hours care, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, and laboratory and diagnostic services form the collective Primary Care Partners medical home. We believe that each division, and PCP as a whole, truly reflect the ideals in medical care that have come to be expected. Primary Care Partners’ core values represent these ideals and are exhibited everyday through the hard work and expertise of our providers and staff. By providing high-quality, comprehensive care that is also affordable and convenient to patients, PCP is able to connect with patients, meet their varied needs, prevent and treat health concerns, and ultimately improve their lives.

Primary Care Partners’ principle value is providing high-quality medical care. This goal is continually achieved through the expert care of our experienced medical teams. We maintain that our patients’ health and lives are improved by spending quality time during each visit, listening, learning and building a strong patient-provider relationship. By increasing the time spent with each patient, rather than increasing the number of patients seen in a day, we are able to identify health concerns early, intervene with innovative treatments, and ultimately prevent worsened health conditions. Each of our providers is dedicated to enhancing patient health and utilizes their expertise and years of experience to provide the best possible care. With this personalized approach and wealth of knowledge and skill, Primary Care Partners is able to repeatedly deliver on the promise of high-quality medical care.

The foundational offices that merged to form Primary Care Partners, Family Physicians of Western Colorado and Western Colorado Physicians Group, are representative of the stable, long-lasting patient-provider relationships that make PCP special. Since establishment in the 1970’s and 80’s, these offices have proudly served Grand Valley families for decades and are home to multi-generational physicians. To this day, there are a handful of founding physicians still practicing, providing comprehensive care for families as they have from the very beginning. Even as PCP has grown to include nine medical offices, the dependability and constant dedication is evident in each division. This stable nature and longevity of the Primary Care Partners organization reinforces our ability to meet patients’ needs, time and time again.

Just as Primary Care Partners exhibits stability through its long-time residence and care for the families of the Grand Valley, it has simultaneously become embedded in the community. The lifestyles and activities offered by western Colorado, bring people together in countless environments. This means your doctor isn’t just someone you see in the medical office. They are your fellow citizen, community member and neighbor. You pass them on your favorite hiking trail, in your favorite restaurant, or in your local mountain bike shop. Knowing your doctor lives, works and plays in your town, provides peaceofmind that you won’t have to find a new provider each year, and allows for development of the patientprovider relationship. The recreational opportunities, closeknit community, and familiarity of Grand Junction, open the door for meaningful, shared connections with your medical provider, something not common in a corporateowned organization. These commonalities support the important relationships created with your medical team and uphold the PCP core value of personalized, highquality care.

Primary Care Partners prides itself on providing an affordable, convenient approach to medical care. By offering integrated services like diagnostic testing, nutrition counseling, behavioral health, physical therapy, and afterhours care under the same roof as your primary care provider, as well as technology like our Patient Portal and Telehealth, it has never been easier to achieve improved health outcomes. This integrated model allows for seamless communication between your provider and these ancillary and specialty services, making patient care comprehensive and straightforward. PCP also recognizes the need for expert health care across the Valley and conveniently offers two other locations in addition to the PCP Care Village at our 12th Street campus; one in Fruita, and one on Wellington Avenue near St. Mary’s hospital. An added benefit of a collective medical home, is the inclusivity of costs, as prioritizing your health, shouldn’t be a financial burden. Costs are kept low when services like lab work, or emergent, afterhours visits are offered under one roof, rather than outsourced to outside medical centers or the hospital emergency room. PCP believes this approach results in superior patient care and the ability to better meet patients’ needs.

The decision to rebrand Primary Care Partners was in pursuit of continued highquality, comprehensive care of patients and their families. The fresh image for the organization promotes Primary Care Partners’ steadfast vision for innovative health care and patientfocused medicine. We saw an opportunity to share what is most important to our organization, and the ability to strengthen our place in the Grand Valley health care community. This opportunity also allows us to showcase the many divisions of Primary Care Partners, the comprehensive capabilities and expertise of our medical team, our core values, and the promise of continued commitment to our patients. With these ideals in mind, and inspiration from the beautiful western Colorado area we call home, we invite you to visit the new Primary Care Partners, your healthcare destination.