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Family Physicians of Western Colorado

Call 245-1220 to schedule an appointment. We are located on the 2nd Floor at 3150 N. 12th Street.

At Family Physicians of Western Colorado, our goal is to provide continuous, comprehensive, personal care for you and your family through the services of our primary care physicians. Seventeen physicians and four advanced practitioners reflect a wide range of skills and experience to provide the very best in medical care.

We offer treatment for every member of the family, whether they are adults dealing with such challenges as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis or heart disease; teenagers struggling with issues ranging from acne to depression; or infants and children in need of immunizations and treatment of childhood diseases. We also deliver babies and provide obstetrical care before and after delivery.

You may not be aware that your family physician can do minor skin surgery, treat fractures and minor injuries, as well as do pap smears, contraception, circumcisions, nutrition counseling, and even remove warts! We give particular care to counsel patients struggling with emotional illnesses and surrounding issues, because we know that such distress can significantly affect physical health.

We consistently enjoy a very high level of patient satisfaction on our annual patient surveys in areas including provider care, communication, and ease of access.

Below are our physicians at Family Physicians of Western Colorado. Please feel free to click on a physician’s name for more information.

Our Physicians

Joshua Campbell, MD Susan Sayers, MD
John Flanagan, MD Britta Seppi, MD
Shiela Klemmetsen, MD Stephanie Shrago, MD
Amy Mohler, MD Paul Sturges, MD
Andy Mohler, MD Dan Sullivan, MD
Michael Pramenko, MD Christopher Weaver, MD
Lynn Price, MD Christine Welsh, DO
James Quackenbush, MD Peggy Wrich, DO
Jennifer Roller, MD


Nurse Practitioners