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Be Careful Out There!

Winter bugs have pretty much disappeared and now we’re settling into a pollen-packed spring! Aside from calls from allergy sufferers and those with sinus infections, we’ll also be seeing adults and children showing up with injuries as a result of all those activities available as temps warm up. Cuts, lacerations and fractures, bumps and bruises are…
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  • Stephen Ludwig, MD is accepting new patients at Red Canyon Family Practice, 455 Kokopelli Blvd. in Fruita. For appt. call 256-5285.

  • WE CAN offers an ongoing education/activity lifestyle program for families of Mesa County children with weight issues. Learn about healthy food options, enjoy cooking demos and  power of movement! Call 243-5437 for more information. The program is a service of Western Colorado Pediatric Associates.

  • Christine Welsh, DO now offers acupuncture services through Family Physicians of Western Colorado. She  is a certified acupuncturist as well as a family practice physician. If  you’ve ever had a curiosity about the healing benefits of acupuncture, call for an appointment!