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Don’t Smoke ~Eat Better ~ Move More!

Most of the conditions we manage here at PCP can be greatly improved if patients would eat more nutritious foods and spend less time sitting. Our bodies are amazing, and even the slightest, consistent change can produce some significant rewards. If you are a smoker, it’s money in the bank, both short term and long…
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  • Shiela Klemmetsen, MD; Dena Banta Corona, NP; and Courtney Kasun, DNP, FNP have joined Family Physicians of Western Colorado.

    Cormac Sookram, MD and Megan Stinar, MD have joined Western Colorado Pediatric Associates. Joshua Hulst, MD will begin seeing patients of Western Colorado Physicians Group in October. Dr. Hulst will also deliver babies.

    Lynn Price, MD joined Red Canyon Family Practice earlier this year. Tabeguache Family & Sports Medicine, also provides primary care.

  • You can now pay your bill online!

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  • Few things compromise your health and your future like tobacco use. Using cigarettes or chew is not only costly to  your health, but it’s costly to a family budget.

    Talk to your provider if you’re ready to set a quit date, or to begin the preparation for setting one! We are here to help guide you on that journey!