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Springtime Allergies Are Here!

All those spring blossoms and the accompanying pollen that causes allergies have arrived. That would explain why you have  symptoms like watery eyes and runny nose, or an allergic cough. We are also seeing lots of sinus infections. For relief of allergies,  over-the-counter antihistamines  provide a good place to start. If you develop symptoms of…
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  • We have several physicians who deliver babies!

    Drs. Susan Sayers and Peggy Wrich welcome new moms-to-be at Family Physicians of Western Colorado; and Drs. Victoria Cummings and Glenn Madrid also provide that service at Western Colorado Physicians Group.

    Think you’re expecting? Call for an appointment!

  • We now offer 3D Mammography at Grand Junction Diagnostics & Mammography. For an appointment, call 241-6014.

  • If you want to be more actively involved in management of your health care in partnership with your physician, sign up for PCP’s Patient Portal. It’s a convenient, secure way to access your medical information online for such things as test results, requesting prescription refills or office visits, and ask questions of your provider.  For more information, click here.