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Don’t Smoke, Eat Better, Move More!

Most of the conditions we manage here at Primary Care Partners can be greatly improved if patients would eat more nutritious foods and spend less time sitting. Our bodies are amazing, and even the slightest, consistent change can produce some significant rewards. If you are a smoker, it’s money in the bank, both short term…
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  • “On Second Thought”
    The Parent Resource Program

    Every Tuesday, 6:00 –7:30 PM

    Do you know how to handle CYBERBULLYING your child or teen may be involved in?
    Please join the discussion on how to help your child or teen prevent being bullied and/or becoming a bully.
    Dr. Patrice Whistler and/or Dr. Mary Willy will be involved in leading these discussions. Also joining the discussion will be community therapist, Elizabeth Clark, LPC.

    When: February 26, 2019; 6:00 –7:30 PM

    Where: Garden Level of Primary Care Partners Building
    3150 N. 12th Street

    Who: All Parents. There is no charge for the programs.
    Seating is limited; RSVP 640-7181 or 254-2549

  • Primary Care Partners – Phone System Change 

    Our phone system has changed! Please call your doctors office directly not Primary Care Partners. If you don’t know what office your doctor is in you can look them up at PCPGJ.com

    You can type your doctors name in the search bar at the bottom of the right column of this page to find what office they are in.

    You can find a list of the office phone numbers here.

    Contact us.

  • FDA Teething Necklaces Warning

    The FDA has issued a warning concerning the use of teething necklaces (amber and others). Please feel free to share the below AAP News Article with families.