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Don’t Smoke ~Eat Better ~ Move More!

Most of the conditions we manage here at PCP can be greatly improved if patients would eat more nutritious foods and spend less time sitting. Our bodies are amazing, and even the slightest, consistent change can produce some significant rewards. If you are a smoker, it’s money in the bank, both short term and long…
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  • What is Botox?
    Therapeutic Botox refers to the use of Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox) for relief of migraine headaches and neck pain that causes headaches. In these diagnostic situations, the drug works by not only relaxing muscles that may spasm, but through other mechanisms as well. The Botox can also block stinging impulses that travel to effected painful areas, as well as deactivating natural chemicals produced by the brain that cause migraine headaches.
    What is the cost?
    Botox is a nationally recognized treatment for prevention of migraine headaches and chronic head pain. Most private insurances cover the Botox drug, however, there likely will be a fee for the administration of the product. For more information on coverage for this treatment, call your insurance company today and ask for an explanation of benefits.
    Am I A Candidate?
    If you experience 15 or more head pain days in one month and these headaches last for 4 hours or longer, you could be a candidate for this treatment. As your primary care provider for a referral today!
    5 Things to Know About Botox Treatment
    1. It prevents headaches and migraines before they even start!
    2. It’s given every 12 weeks
    3. It’s a small needle
    4. It’s injection by a Botox specialist
    5. It takes about 20 minutes
    Make an appointment at:
    Tabeguache Family and Sports Medicine – 970-256-5201 or
    Western Colorado Physicians Group – 970-241-6011
  • Breakthroughs Class

    Primary Care Partners BREAKTHROUGHS class starts Tuesday, May 15th.
    What is BREAKTHROUGHS? A 16 week weight management class for adults with a BMI of 30 or greater that incorporates healthy eating and behavioral components led by a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Therapist.
  • Tabeguache Family & Sports Medicine Moved

    Tabeguache Family & Sports Medicine is expanding to a larger facility and will be gaining two new providers to better fill the needs of the Grand Junction area. Their new location is on the second floor of the Primary Care Partners building at 3150 N 12 Street in Grand Junction.  Daniel Sullivan, MD and Nurse Practitioner Ashly Blincow will be joining physicians Fletcher Colwell, MD; Karen Frye, DO; and Rich Price, MD in providing primary care and sports medicine to their patients.  They are now accepting new patients.

    Tabeguache Family & Sports Medicine is unique because their facility pairs family medicine and sports medicine in one practice. They offer care for fractures, concussions, sprains, strains, musculoskeletal injury and injury prevention. They also offer corticosteroids injections and platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) as well as family practice care.

    The sports medicine office works closely with The Physical Therapy Specialty Center to give patients the best care for chronic pain or weakness conditions. Their services are provided in a medical home setting with team support available through physical therapy, acupuncture, medical nutrition therapy, an after-hours clinic and behavioral health counseling. They also offer on-site diagnostic imaging.  Primary care and sports medicine in one office is the perfect solution for active Colorado families.