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Get Your Flu Shot!

In preparation for the coming flu season, be sure and get your flu shot! We had a flurry of activity earlier when folks hurried in to get immunized, and now we’re waiting for another vaccine shipment. Call to find out if it’s arrived, and then make arrangements to get yourself protected from the nasty flu…
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  • Did you know we have a Patient Advisory Council?

    A group of 16 patients representing our main practice groups meets regularly to assist us and provide feedback so we can provide the very best in cost-efficient, effective, compassionate care.

    If you’d like to know more, or have an interest in participating, contact Paula Anderson, Marketing Director, at 254-2645.

  • To better serve our patients, we have added three new physician providers.  Karen Frye, MD, Tonya Wren, MD and Kerry Beinlich, MD  were all recently hired. Dr. Frye began taking shifts in September, and Dr. Beinlich came on board on October 1, and Dr. Wren will begin seeing patients later this month.

    We are very pleased because we know this will enable use to serve more of the patients in our community in need of after-hours care!

  • Welcome to  Victoria Cummings,  MD who is now seeing patients of  Western Colorado Physicians Group; and Katie Joy, DO, the newest pediatrician at Western Colorado Pediatric Associates. Both physicians bring great skill and enthusiasm in treating our patients!