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Healthy Foods Are the Best Medicine!

Few bugs are circulating. Summertime bumps and bruises are frequent complaints. But a bigger concern is how many of our patients struggle with how to eat well to become healthier. There’s lots of information out there, some good ~ some not so good. But here’s what we know for sure. If you begin cutting processed…
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  • Newly-insured patients of Primary Care Partners no doubt have lots of questions about “how to be a patient”. Parents want to know more about how to raise healthy, happy kids; diabetics seek information on better management of their condition, smokers want information on how to quit, and everyone is interested in how to eat healthier, or how to manage their medications cost-effectively.

     As your partner in health, we want you to have access to as much information as you need to do that. That’s why we’ll soon launch regular blogs on our website authored by our providers and local experts on various topics of interest to you.

    Watch this site for a start date for this newest source of patient information.

    In the meantime, make sure you’re registered on our newly-updated Patient Portal!

  • Our new and improved Patient Portal is now live!

    This new version is much easier to navigate, and offers more features for managing your healthcare and that of your family. There are important changes, however, for patients younger than 18 years of age.  Click here to  learn  more

    It’s safe and secure, and you can access the Patient Portal anytime using your smartphone or tablet by downloading a free app from iTunes App Store or Android Play Store.

    You should now have an email inviting you to register on the new Patient Portal.  If we don’t have your email address, please call your physician’s office so we can add it to our records.

  • It’s early yet, but we now have our schedule for the fall flu immunization clinics for our pediatric patients.

    In September we will begin taking calls to schedule appointments for these clinics, so mark your calendar to call Western Colorado Pediatric Associates at 243-5437. 

    Immunization clinic dates and times are as follows:

                                             Thurs. Sept 25th    6 – 8 p.m.

                                             Thurs. Oct. 9th        6 – 8 p.m.  

                                             Thurs.  Oct. 16th     6 – 8 p.m.

                                             Thurs.  Nov. 6th       6 – 8 p.m.

    Fruita Location:       Saturday,  Oct. 4th   10 – noon