Why our providers choose to get the COVID Vaccine

Mesa County Health Department has received the first shipment of COVID vaccinations and the distribution process is underway. Once more information is available, Primary Care Partners will be contacting all of our patients once it is available to the public.

Primary Care Partners wants you to know why our providers choose to get the COVID Vaccine.

“Like many people I have been worried about the health of my family members, especially those who are at high risk of getting really sick if they get Covid. I have had a sense of helplessness because of the pandemic, but now I am hopeful and excited because of this amazing vaccine!”
– Dr. Cassana Littler, pediatrician
“Getting the covid vaccine feels like so many emotions from this year coming together at once – worry about my patients and family, grief for all those families who lost their loved ones, hope for a brighter future around the corner, and excitement to be in the first wave of change. I am so grateful for the science and experts who have been working tirelessly to make this happen.”
“I got my Covid-19 vaccine because I believe in prevention of deadly diseases and in Public Health. I drink chlorinated water at home and filtered on a hike, not river water, to prevent illness from germs. Vaccines also prevent illness from germs. Thank you scientists for all vaccines!”
– Dr. Patrice Whistler, pediatrician
“I got vaccinated because I trust Science and I miss hugging people.” – Dr. Mike Whistler, pediatrician.

“I got the COVID vaccine because I want to do my part and contribute to stopping this pandemic. The best and quickest way to do that is through a vaccine.” – Dr. Rebecca Liggett, pediatrician

“I got the COVID-19 vaccine to protect myself, my family, my friends, and my community from this virus that has already taken too many lives. For the first time, I feel hopeful, knowing this is the beginning to the end. Soon every adult will be able to make the same decision to help end this pandemic. Please decide now to get your vaccine and protect the ones you love.” – Dr. Megan Stinar, pediatrician

“I got my Covid vaccine for the same reason my parents took me to the school gym in 1962 to take a sugar cube polio vaccine and the same reason my pediatrician scratched my arm with the smallpox vaccine about the same time.  Smallpox has been eradicated and polio is close to being gone.  My hope is that someday we can say the same about Covid-19.” – Dr. Claudia Jantzer, pediatrician

“I wanted to say something eloquent, but that’s not me.  I’m a health care worker, and I believe in the science whose goal is to keep people healthy. I got the vaccine because I believe this is the science that will keep people healthy.”- Dr. Katie Joy, pediatrician

“I vaccinate because I want to again live in a world where we can hug our loved ones without fear, where we can send our children to school to play with unmasked faces, and we can live, love, laugh and adventure unabashedly.” – Dr. Chelsey Bovenschen, pediatrician

“I got my shot because SCIENCE has given us an amazing opportunity to beat this. I vaccinate for my family, friends, colleagues, patients & their families – so we may not lose another loved one or suffer the debilitating outcomes of COVID we now have true hope of preventing. With all of us doing our part – the pendulum will swing!” – Dr. Mary Willy, pediatrician

Dr. Sullivan got his COVID vaccine.

Dr. Colwell was excited to receive his COVID19 vaccine so he can continue to fulfill his duty to remain healthy for his family, his patients, and the greater community that he calls home.

Dr. Hulst says, “I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity to be among the first to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. With this comes such HOPE. Hope to defeat this terrible virus, hope to be able to hold my new baby without concern, hope to heal our nation, hope for unity, hope for health, hope for ‘normal’… This fight is not over, but hope can fuel us through the darkest times. Love your neighbor, wear a mask, and get vaccinated.”

Dr. Roberts says, “It’s the best Christmas gift.”

Dr. Madrid was excited to get his first COVID Vaccine shot too.

Dr. Hughes was one of our first doctors to receive the COVID Vaccine.

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