Sports Medicine Spotlight on Monument Health Newsletter

Tabeguache Family & Sports Medicine’s two sports medicine doctors, Karen Frye and Fletch Colwell were featured in the Monument Health Newsletter and blog –  Monument Healthline.

Below is an excerpt from their Newsletter.


Dr. Colwell and Dr. Frye work together in family and sports medicine at their current practice, Tabeguache Family and Sports Medicine. We asked them to give us two words that describe each other in their role as physicians. Dr. Colwell told us that Dr. Karen Frye is “patient-centered and attentive.” Dr. Frye described Dr. Fletch Colwell as “patient and compassionate.”

Karen Frye

A Colorado Springs native and avid athlete, the opportunity to play collegiate soccer initially drew Karen Frye to attend Seattle Pacific for her undergraduate degree, but it was her friend who drew her to pursue a degree in pre-medicine…

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Fletch Colwell

Dr. Fletch Colwell responded with warm smile and an emphatic “Heck, no!” when asked if he knew he wanted to pursue medicine as a young man…”

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