Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

One of the ways we partner with patients, family members, and caregivers is through our Patient and Family Advisory Council. A Patient and Family Advisory Council is a meeting with both staff and volunteer members. Our volunteer patients and families collaborate with employees (clinical, administrative, and support) to provide guidance on how to improve the patient and family experience.


Our Patient and Family Advisory Council

A one hour meeting every 3 months

Our Purpose

Primary Care Partners embraces a health system where individuals are respected and engaged in the design and delivery of care. Our healthcare providers and consumers work together to advance comprehensive, quality and compassionate patient-centered care.

Who We Are?

Through the Patient and Family Advisory Council, we want to establish a better understanding of the consumer care experience. Each team facilitator will be empowered and have access to the tools to support the engagement of consumers and family members in all areas of our work.

This knowledge and insight will positively influence our goal, making healthcare in our region the nation’s best.

Ways PFAC’s Will Impact the Patient and Family Experience

Helps to develop proper tools to address dissatisfaction in response to provider and healthcare visits

Serve as a focus group for improving overall patient and family experiences

Acts as a sounding board for numerous surveys, flyers, and communications targeted to patients and families to enhance patient participation and understanding

Provides direct contact to providers from a patient and family perspective

Our PFAC Has Helped Improve Our:

  • Patient education on our website and displayed in our offices
  • Patient Portal
  • Separate waiting area in Peds
  • New Patient Screening process
  • New Patient Orientation process
  • Self-help wellness awareness
  • Telephone system
  • Communication with providers and staff
  • Confidentiality for minors
  • Social Determinants of Health screening

If you are interested in learning more about how to become a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council, you may contact: Carol Schlageck, (970) 254-2609,