KKCO 11 News – Docs on Call Accepting Patients Without Primary Care Provider

KKCO 11 News did a news piece about how Docs on Call is accepting patients without primary care providers during the COVID crisis.

By Tyler Stricker |

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) — Patients who don’t have a primary care provider can get medical care at Docs on Call.
Docs on Call and primary care providers are extending their services to patients without established health care providers. A primary health care provider was required previously for follow up purposes. Due to the health crisis and the high number of people needing medical care who don’t have providers, Docs on Call has changed its policy. If a patient needs help finding a provider, primary care providers will help you find one.

“Instead of going to the emergency room for stitches or the concussion or migraine you can’t get rid of, come into Docs and see if that’s not something we can take care of before you go to the emergency room,” said pediatrician Dr. Megan Stiner. “I think this is also a really good option because the emergency room is still going to be expensive.”

Docs on Call asks that you call them first before you come in and bring a list of any medications you may take. they will accept in-person visits.

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