Innovative Solutions Help Mesa County Adjust to Pandemic Precautions

Primary Care Partners is offering two added innovative service solutions that will help Mesa County deal with adjusting to the pandemic precautions.  The first service is, TeleHealth care options through video conference for medical care. The second service is, allowing patients who don’t have a primary care provider to get medical care at Docs On Call.

Primary Care Partners’ TeleHealth allows patients to talk with a provider at home over the phone or on a live video chat. This can include follow up care, consultations and acute care conditions with all their primary care providers, physical therapists and a registered dietitian. TeleHealth video visits allows at risk patients, rural patients or any other patient to avoid additional travel outside their homes. For more information about TeleHealth you can visit Primary Care Partners’ website at

Docs On Call and Primary Care Partners are extending their services to patients without established health care providers. A primary health care provider was required previously to get care at Docs On Call for follow up purposes. During this health crisis there are a number of people needing medical care who don’t have a primary care provider. Docs On Call has changed its policy. If a patient needs help finding a provider, Docs On Call help patients find one. This would mean when you need to be seen for injuries or acute illness that you would go to your doctor for, you can call Docs On Call for those needs.  This would allow Emergency rooms time to see more life threatening situations and allows you to be seen in a more timely manner. Docs On Call requires that you call them first before you come in and bring a list of any medications you may take.  All Primary Care Partners offices including Docs On Call do accept in-person visits and follow all CDC guidelines for infection prevention for outpatient settings. Call (970) 255-1576 to make an after-hours appointment at Docs On Call or call (970) 256-5211 to call Primary Care Partners during regular business hours.

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