COVID-19 Recovery Team at Primary Care Partners

Have you been slow to return to normal?

Our COVID-19 Recovery Team can assist you on your road to healing with a personalized recovery care plan. This team can help in many ways and with a wide variety of lingering symptoms.

Physical Therapy

Muscle weakness
Muscle pain
General deconditioning
Instability in walking
Loss of endurance and mobility
General fatigue
Aerobic training for cardiovascular & pulmonary health
Balance/dizziness rehabilitation
Monitoring of Vital Signs during activities

Occupational Therapy

Activities of daily living/grooming
Coordination – fine motor skills
Stroke symptoms

Speech Therapy

Swallowing difficulty
Difficulty finding words
Vocal cord ulcers/dysfunction
Cognitive memory evaluation
Prolonged voice hoarseness


Nutrition education
Rapid weight gain or loss

Mental Health and Wellness

Brain fog
Emotional and family support

Patient-Centered Convenience

Lower copays
Stay within a medical home
Convenient central location
Team-Based Approach
Initial TeleHealth evaluation with the care team
Referral to COVID-19 Recovery Program
A team approach to maximize your health recovery

Call your doctor’s office for a referral

Family Physicians of Western Colorado (970) 245-1220
Red Canyon Family Medicine (970) 256-5285
Tabeguache Family & Sports Medicine (970) 256-5201
Western Colorado Pediatric Associates (970) 243-5437
Western Colorado Physicians Group (970) 241-6011
The Physical Therapy Specialty Center (970) 241-5856

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