Comprehensive Weight Management Clinic

Our program offers comprehensive care to assist patients in weight management and weight loss. We are focused on improving health by addressing behavior, nutrition and physical activity. Our team is comprised of a physician, a registered dietitian, a behavioral health provider and a physical therapist. Each patient’s relationship with their primary care physician will remain intact. Patients will have an initial appointment with the weight management physician, followed by a visit with a behavioral health provider. These visits will involve screening and a full discussion of personal weight and medical history in order to determine the best plan for each patient. Following these visits, some patients will focus on behavioral health for a period of time, while others will meet with a nutritionist and physical therapist to set diet and activity goals. Another visit with the physician will follow to determine a treatment plan, which may include continued visits with the physician and other team members, group visits, medication and/or referrals for bariatric surgery.

Specific roles of our team members:

Physician: The physician, Andrea Nederveld, MD,  will be responsible for medical management such as considering medication changes that may be contributing to weight gain, prescribing weight loss medications if appropriate, discussing medical treatment options such as bariatric surgery, and addressing some of the medical problems that are often a result of obesity. The physician and patient will develop a treatment plan together, based on individual needs and preferences.

Registered dietitian: Our registered dietitian will assist patients with evaluating their current dietary habits/patterns and identifying changes they can make that will help with weight reduction. Patients may have ongoing individual or group visits to support them in this process.

Physical Therapist: assist patients in assessing their current level of conditioning and developing an appropriate initial exercise routine.

Behavioral Health Provider: Work with patients around emotional or mental health issues that may contribute to weight gain such as a history of abuse, binge eating disorder, substance use/abuse, feelings of low self-esteem or self-efficacy etc. This person will also help patients set behavioral goals.