Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Primary Care Partners has partnered with MediCorHealth to offer remote patient monitoring services.  Remote monitoring is a program covered by Medicare to help doctors identify health conditions early on.

How Remote Patient Monitoring works:

  • Patients receive a smart blood pressure device or weight scale in the mail at no cost when covered by Medicare.
  • Patients take a few readings each week.
  • The device will send these readings to the doctor and is monitored weekly.
  • If a reading needs attention, patients will receive a call from a health care professional in their doctor’s office.
  • The patient will then answer questions to help the doctor understand if there is a health issue present.
  • Each month the patient will get a call from a health care professional in the doctor’s office to teach them about care plans.

Primary Care Partners providers and staff are your partners in health.

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Congratulations to the Primary Care Partners’ providers and healthcare offices that received your “Best of the West” votes: Dr. Andrew Mohler, Dr. Glenn Madrid, Dr. John Flanagan, Dr. Peggy Wrich, Dr. Amy Bratteli, Dr. Patrice Whistler, Dr. Michael Whistler, Tara Albright DPT, The Physical Therapy Specialty Center, DOCS On Call, and Primary Care Partners.

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Innovative Solutions Help Mesa County Adjust to Pandemic Precautions

Primary Care Partners is offering two added innovative service solutions that will help Mesa County deal with adjusting to the pandemic precautions.  The first service is, TeleHealth care options through video conference for medical care. The second service is, allowing patients who don’t have a primary care provider to get medical care at Docs On Call.

Primary Care Partners’ TeleHealth allows patients to talk with a provider at home over the phone or on a live video chat. This can include follow up care, consultations and acute care conditions with all their primary care providers, physical therapists and a registered dietitian. TeleHealth video visits allows at risk patients, rural patients or any other patient to avoid additional travel outside their homes. For more information about TeleHealth you can visit Primary Care Partners’ website at

Docs On Call and Primary Care Partners are extending their services to patients without established health care providers. A primary health care provider was required previously to get care at Docs On Call for follow up purposes. During this health crisis there are a number of people needing medical care who don’t have a primary care provider. Docs On Call has changed its policy. If a patient needs help finding a provider, Docs On Call help patients find one. This would mean when you need to be seen for injuries or acute illness that you would go to your doctor for, you can call Docs On Call for those needs.  This would allow Emergency rooms time to see more life threatening situations and allows you to be seen in a more timely manner. Docs On Call requires that you call them first before you come in and bring a list of any medications you may take.  All Primary Care Partners offices including Docs On Call do accept in-person visits and follow all CDC guidelines for infection prevention for outpatient settings. Call (970) 255-1576 to make an after-hours appointment at Docs On Call or call (970) 256-5211 to call Primary Care Partners during regular business hours.

KKCO 11 News – Docs on Call Accepting Patients Without Primary Care Provider

KKCO 11 News did a news piece about how Docs on Call is accepting patients without primary care provider during the COVID crisis. (See video)


Original article here:


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) — Patients who don’t have a primary care provider can get medical care at Docs on Call.
Docs on Call and primary care providers are extending their services to patients without established health care providers. A primary health care provider was required previously for follow up purposes. Due to the health crisis and the high number of people needing medical care who don’t have providers, Docs on Call has changed its policy. If a patient needs help finding a provider, primary care providers will help you find one.

“Instead of going to the emergency room for stitches or the concussion or migraine you can’t get rid of, come into Docs and see if that’s not something we can take care of before you go to the emergency room,” said pediatrician Dr. Megan Stiner. “I think this is also a really good option because the emergency room is still going to be expensive.”

Docs on Call asks that you call them first before you come in and bring a list of any medications you may take. they will accept in-person visits.

TeleHealth Video Visits

We now have TeleHealth  available for all our providers. We are committed to providing your health care needs. TeleHealth allows you to talk with your provider the phone or on a live video chat. Learn more on our TeleHealth information page here.  Please call today to schedule your TeleHealth video visit. To keep up to date visit our website at and follow our Facebook pages to learn more about our efforts to serve our community.


Accepting New Patients

Primary Care Partners is accepting new patients. We have primary care providers in Grand Junction and Fruita Colorado that are accepting new patients. Rebecca Levin, MD at Red Canyon Family Medicine in Fruita, 970-256-5285; In Grand Junction, Pediatrician Chelsey Bovenschen, DO and Lauren M. Murphy, MSN, PNP at Western Colorado Pediatric Associates, 970-243-5437; Monique Morisseau, MD at Family Physicians of Western Colorado, 970-245-1220; David Stuart, MD and Anna Jones, MD at Western Colorado Physicians Group, 970-241-6011.   Bovenschen

District 51 Employees – Primary Care Partners is Now an Option

Great news:  You now have a greater choice for primary care for you and your family members. Primary Care Partners is now an option!

D51 employees are now offered the choice between two health insurance plans. When you select the Monument Health option, you will be able to use Primary Care Partners for all your primary care needs. Your visits at Primary Care Partners will be associated with a $0 copay! Be sure to act during open enrollment by March 27th

Learn more at

Whether you currently see us for your primary care needs or you have in the past, please know that we work to provide the highest value primary care in the valley. We offer five divisions with convenient locations in Fruita and Grand Junction.  Our top quality providers offer full spectrum primary care with pediatricians, family physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. In addition, we offer obstetrical and sports medicine services.  As a nationally recognized and locally award winning primary care practice, we provide advanced care coordination, embedded behavioral health specialists, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, plus nutritional, diabetic, and weight loss counseling. 

Grand Junction Diagnostics, a division of Primary Care Partners, offers lab, x-ray, mammogram, bone density, and ultrasound services. In addition, a patient portal and after hour services at Docs On Call provide further convenience and cost savings. 

Please remember to select Monument Health Plan during your open enrollment period which runs from March 9th until March 27th. We currently welcome phone calls to book appointments. You can also call our new patient coordinator at 256-5216 to help arrange an appointment.

We look forward to seeing you soon,  

The Physicians of Primary Care Partners

Family Physicians of Western Colorado

Primary Care Partners Building, 3150 N. 12th St, Grand Junction, CO
P: (970) 245-1220
F: (970) 245-9148

Red Canyon Family Medicine 
455 Kokopelli Blvd., Unit C, Fruita, CO
P: (970)256-5285
F: (970)256-5290

Tabeguache Family & Sports Medicine
Primary Care Partners Building, 3150 N. 12th St, Grand Junction, CO
Second Level
P: (970) 256-5201
F: (970) 256-5202

Western Colorado Pediatric Associates
Primary Care Partners Building, 3150 N. 12th St, Grand Junction, CO
P: (970) 243-5437
F: (970) 243-7792
456 Kokopelli Blvd, Unit D, Fruita, CO
P: (970) 243-5437
F: (970) 243-7792

Western Colorado Physicians Group
1120 Wellington Ave, Grand Junction, CO
P: (970) 241-6011
F: (970) 241-4650

Automated Appointment Confirmation at Primary Care Partners

Automated appointment confirmation is available through our new e-notify system. Just let our receptionist know whether you want to receive your appointment reminder by automated phone call, text, or email. The offices offering E-Notify include, Family Physicians of Western Colorado, Grand Junction Diagnostics & Mammography, Red Canyon Family Medicine , Tabeguache Family & Sports Medicine, Western Colorado Pediatric Associates, and Western Colorado Physicians Group.